​​​​​​​AAA in the Community 

Doing good in local communities where we serve Members is a key part of the AAA culture. We are committed to programs that help keep people safe and empower our youth to create a meaningful and measurable impact on the world.

AAA is focused on safety, leadership and advocacy.

Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day

This movement was created by a group of fifth grade AAA School Safety leaders to honor the civil rights icon, Ruby Bridges. This day of dialogue encourages students to create positive change in their communities, one step at a time. AAA and its Team Members helped support the vision of these young leaders by launching the first national walk in 2021, which continues to grow year after year.
Child  Passenger Safety
More than half of car seats are improperly installed and used, yet only 1 in 5 caregivers seek expert help to make sure their car seats are installed and used correctly. Eligible Team Members can become nationally certified child passenger safety technicians who offer free car seat inspections at AAA locations.
Giving and Volunteering
Team Members are empowered to make an impact in their communities, supporting causes that matter most to them. Through our My Impact program, eligible Team Members are given three paid days off annually to volunteer for nonprofit organizations, and we match donations to eligible nonprofit organizations. 
AAA School Safety
The century-old AAA School Safety program empowers students to be safety leaders and advocates at their schools and in their local communities. We support over 100,000 young leaders at more than 2,000 schools.

What AAA Team Members Are Saying

“What really motivated me to want to become a [car seat] technician is to be able to get involved with the community. It was nice knowing that AAA offers child passenger safety programs for Members as well as non-members. Just knowing that it is something that I was able to have an opportunity to do was very heartwarming.”

​​​​​​​-Daisy Darden, Member Experience Associate, Child Passenger Safety Technician
“It’s great to work at a place where we are able to volunteer through our My Impact Program. I’m so proud of my Fleet location in Phoenix for the volunteer campaigns we participate in and support every year.”

-Gretchen Williams, Fleet Team Leader
Slow Down, Move Over
AAA is committed to protecting our road service technicians and all first responders working on the side of the road everyday. Slow Down, Move Over is a traffic safety advocacy campaign that reminds drivers of the importance of slowing down and moving over when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the roadside. 
Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Report
This 2022 report highlights progress we continue to make to improve our ESG practices. From better understanding the main challenges we face to refining our ESG framework going forward, AAA’s aim is to build even more sustainability into our operations and achieve long-term success.